Injury Rehab /Yoga /Ballet Barre

Are you exercising correctly? Do you have pains keeping you from exercising? Not all fitness plans are the "get out there and crush it" type. A fitness plan can also be gentle and corrective feel good movements that restore your bodies youthful energy and reduce stress. 

Weight Loss

Weight loss can feel impossible for many, especially those with thyroid conditions. Not knowing if you are putting your efforts in the right direction can also contribute to decreased results. In essence, weight gain itself is a sign of imbalance within the body. Find the balance and find your lean and healthiest self. 

Fitness Nutrition

Fitness Nutrition is more than just the calories in versus calories out mantra. It's about the right calories for your fitness goals that will maximize your results in a healthy way. Take it a step further with organic (the original food) for a clean and healing approach.